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From the the partner workshop to the fleet operator, you’ll always be on the safe side with VDO’s tailor-made products and services. Get to know our current solutions – they’ll help you to complete your tasks easily, safely and quickly - ranging from smart tachographs to calibration spares, the Workshop Tab to VDO Fleet Tachograph Management.


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The perfect digital assistant: The VDO WorkshopTab2

WorkshopTab 2 from VDO

The testing and calibration of smart VDO tachographs can be carried out at the vehicle with the VDO WorkshopTab2 – with immediate online processing of the data.

The DTCO® 4.0 smart tachograph also uses the GNSS global navigation satellite system. A GNSS test is compulsory to specify the exact vehicle position at any time. You can also carry out this test easily using the WorkshopTab.

Intuitive sequences guide you reliably through all the functions, step-by-step. The software does all the paperwork in the background. The relevant documents are transferred from the vehicle to the printer at the push of a button.

DTCO® 4.1 – the Smart Tachograph Version 2


DTCO® 4.1 features

  • Fully complies with the amendments to EU Regulation 2016/799 as per Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/1228.8
  • Quickly and easily configurable via DTCO Configuration App
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Supports control and data download via Bluetooth®
  • Automatic detection of border crossings
  • Supports extended driving and rest time rules for international journeys
  • Configurable warnings according to Working Time Directive 2002/15 EC
  • Extended input time for manual supplements
  • Future-proof with the legally required update function

DTCO® 4.0e – the Smart Tachograph Version 1


DTCO® 4.0 features

  • Can be configured quickly and easily with the DTCO® configuration app
  • Standardised ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Automatic determination of position via GNSS
  • Time saved during checks for suspected violations thanks to Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC)
  • Configurable warning messages in compliance with Directive 2002/15/EC on the organisation of working times
  • Extended input time for manual entries
  • Faster entry of country codes through automatic pre-selection in the display

Tachograph Workshop Accessories

Check out VDO's range of key tachograph workshop accessories from the update cable which allows workshops to upgrade the Digital Tachograph to the later version or calibration products, including the calibrations kits from VDO which can save time, money and effort


Tachograph Enablement Kits

As VDO's continued effort to support Tachograph workshops, whether starting out or fully established - check out what other equipment we can offer and how we can support you with your existing equipment.


VDO Workshop Services – perfectly tailored to match your needs

Our VDO Workshop Services provide VDO partner workshops with everything they need for testing tachographs: a comprehensive, carefree package including a replacement device service, maintenance and a hotline – even online remote diagnostics are possible. The basic requirement for getting started with the new tachograph test is the wireless VDO WorkshopTab – and with the VDO Workshop Services, you’ll automatically receive all the software upgrades currently necessary for testing tachographs.


Optimal fleet management with VDO Fleet

As the manufacturer of the best-selling DTCO® series digital tachographs and the number 1 tachograph software across Europe, we know what's really important: Discover how you can automate your routines, simplify tasks and meet legal requirements with smart VDO Fleet Services.


VDO Fleet Services - visit VDO's Fleet website

Comply with European and national regulations, avoid violations, plan your tasks, and coordinate vehicles and drivers – VDO Fleet helps you save time while carrying out your fleet manager’s daily tasks and routines safely.

VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services offers you almost real-time access to your fleet. For example, VDO Fleet Motion shows you where your vehicles are and where they’re headed. You can react faster, reduce waiting times, and coordinate route changes better.

Our smart interfaces are ideal for mixed fleets that don't use uniform software and those that previously worked with different software: With VDO Fleet Connect and VDO Fleet Extract, existing databases from third-party systems can be easily imported, processed and exported for all VDO Fleet Services.

The digital departure control procedure is easily carried out using an app – including complete documentation and 100% verification. With our Safety Solutions, you can avoid hazards, simplify safety inspections and improve work processes.

Driver and vehicle data are automatically transmitted to your fleet management – at the times you specify and from all European countries. Just set your individual times and the data will send itself: No more separate schedules and no more manual downloading of data.

The Tachograph driver app on your drivers’ smartphones has a lot of important information for them, such as their remaining driving times and rest periods. Manual entries can also be easily added to the tachograph using a smartphone.

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