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Trained staff and expertise for your Tachograph needs at more than 8,000 workshops in Europe

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Become part of a successful network with your workshop.

EU Mobility Package I

In a nutshell: What the EU Mobility Package I will mean for your workshop.


VDO partner workshops

Certified and legally authorised VDO partner workshops check, install and maintain your tachographs – from analogue devices to the latest smart VDO tachographs. Plan appointments now for tachograph retrofitting as a result of the EU Mobility Package I - do not delay.


  • VDO comprehensive service


  • locations in Europe


  • The introduction of the Smart Tachograph Version 2

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Become a VDO partner workshop

Make your workshop part of a successful network that prepares fleet operators for future requirements. As the manufacturer of the best-selling digital tachographs, we know what's really important: Our VDO Workshop Services offer commercial vehicle workshops a comprehensive package of training, technology and services for installing and testing digital tachographs.


Find your local VDO Tachograph Workshop

Find workshops who can support tasks and calibrations on the smart tachograph version 2 from 21 August 2023.

Plan for the future: ALL vehicles of 3.5 tons and more that still have old analogue/digital tachographs must be retrofitted with second-version DTCO® 4.1 smart tachographs for cross-border traffic by 31 December 2024! Vehicles of 3.5 tons and more which are already equipped with the first version of the DTCO® 4.0 must be retrofitted for cross-border traffic by 19 August 2025.


EU Mobility Package I: Important!

What do you need to know as a workshop and how are you affected? What is the EU Mobility Package 1 and the key dates?

We’ll show you what the EU Mobility Package 1 means for your business, what you need to look out for in the near or more distant future – and how you can be equipped for the future with solutions from VDO.


Products for workshops and Fleets

From a comprehensive package of training and services to all the products that are required for your day to day activities - tachographs, calibration accessories and the Workshop Tablet.

Additionally, find out about tachograph management with a real-time overview to the driver app: Customised VDO Fleet solutions help fleet managers save costs and meet legal requirements.


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